Primal | Famfrit | Mist | Ward 22 Plot 45Final Opening Saturday, Jan 20 from 6PM to 9PM Eastern


The Felidae Café has been a humble dream for its owner Mathras, who wanted a small cozy hole-in-the-wall where you could come and everybody would know your name. So come on in and take a seat, let the comforting atmosphere put you at ease and give you a break from busy Eorzean life. Make new friends with the lovely staff or fellow patrons, or take a spot on the open stage and show off your skills as a bard. Friendly experiences are what we live for!SYNCSHELL
The Felidae Café also maintains a syncshell for all of our patrons to come together and see each other as they truly are. The syncshell ID is FELIDAE. Ask a staff member for the password!


Our general year-round menu has something for everyone, whether you like coffee or tea, pastries or need a little something savory to keep you going.All food and drink is free, please tip your baristas well!

◆ Coffee Biscuit◆ Triple Cream Coffee
◆ Apple Tart◆ Chamomile Tea
◆ Peach Tart◆ Ishgardian Tea
◆ Finger Sandwich◆ Espresso con Panna

To celebrate our closing, we're hosting all of our seasonal menu items!

◆ Ginger Cookie◆ Hot Chocolate
◆ Silkie Pudding◆ Heavenly Eggnog
◆ Honey Muffin◆ Rooibos Tea
◆ Gyro◆ Melon Juice
◆ Tako-yaki◆ Buckwheat Tea
◆ Pineapple Salad◆ Lemonade
◆ Nut Bake◆ Mulled Tea
◆ Pumpkin Pottage◆ Spiced Cider


The Felidae Café is proud to be able to affiliate with other venues to provide a network of fun, relaxing venues our patrons can visit. Please visit any of our affiliates below and you're guaranteed to have a good time!

Senpan Tea House


1. Absolutely no hate speech. This establishment is open and accepting and will not tolerate hateful speech or slurs of any kind.2. Keep RP clean. No MRP or ERP in public. Say and emote chat are public spaces, please keep things innocuous in those shared chats.3. If you are planning on AFKing and see other AFK folks are at a booth already, please move to that booth as well and leave more open spaces for other patrons.4. If you are playing as a bard and see someone else waiting, please be courteous and ensure everyone who would like a chance at performing has the opportunity.5. Staff reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason at any time. Please respect them and their time as much as you respect yourself and others.


When you arrive at the Felidae Café you will be greeted by one of our warm inviting staff members, ready to help you relax with a cup of tea, a sweet pastry, or simply by listening to your woes. Our staff pride themselves on being passable baristas and bakers, so we hope you'll enjoy their company as much as they enjoy yours!

Salomé & Mathras

The café's owners and partners, Mathras is a fun and flirty meathead Miqo'te with a heart of gold. He loves making others happy, whether he's healing folks in the clinic or simply cooking for his friends. Salomé's impish attitude is always on display; whether it's teasing the customers, or getting teased herself by Mathras. With a proclivity for the dark and dreadful, this Viera won't hesitate to smother you with kindness.

Soorhi'wo Tahli

An Astrologian and skilled Green Witch raised by the Fae, this Miqo'te has plenty of knowledge in the field of Healing and practical magic. More often than not he adds Cinnamon to dishes he serves to give just a little bit more luck and fortune to a customer who needs it. Soft-spoken but very chatty, he loves sharing stories about the Good Neighbors over tea.

Yukeno Kava

A Viera with a fun and friendly aura to hangout with, Yukeno is a bit shy sometimes, but will pull through to make you feel happy and cheerful. Don't be afraid to approach him and strike a conversation, although he may tease you just for fun. He may be a warrior, but he is kind-hearted and sweet to all.


The Felidae Café is currently looking to hire a few baristas to join our team. If you're interested, please contact Mathras Solmihr (Famfrit) in game. The conditions for working are below.

1. All baristas are paid 100k gil per hour worked.2. Baristas keep all tips made.3. After working three weeks, baristas receive a 1,000,000 gil bonus.4. All gil made from the actual selling of items going into the LADS, Inc. Free Company chest.5. All items sold and gil received must be logged in our records.

Senpan Tea House


Established since April of 2022, Senpan Tea House is a tranquil tea house tucked away in a quiet corner of Empyreum, allowing warriors and wanderers alike to relax as much they want, for however long they want—either by themselves or with their companions. It is owned and operated by Miss Yaoi Overlord.